Carlos Velasco Rivera

Working Papers

Velasco Rivera, Carlos. "Political Dynasties and Party Strength: Evidence from Victorian Britain."


Velasco Rivera, Carlos. "Loyalty or Incentives? How party alignment affects bureaucratic performance." (Forthcoming, Journal of Politics)

Imai, Kosuke, Gary King, and Carlos Velasco Rivera. "Do Nonpartisan Programmatic Policies Generate Partisan Electoral Effects? Evidence from Two Large Scale Randomized Evaluations."  (Forthcoming, Journal of Politics)

Abramson, Scott and Carlos Velasco Rivera. (2016). "Time is Power: The Non-Institutional Sources of Stability in Autocracies." Journal of Politics, Vol. 78, No. 4, pp. 1279-1295.  

Hansen, Stephen, Michael McMahon, and Carlos Velasco Rivera. (2014). "Preferences or Private Assessments on a Monetary Policy Committee?" Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 67, pp. 16-32.